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Omaha Diary: Arrival

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We're here in Omaha! It's sunny, windy and warm. Not as warm as Columbia, but still hot.

Haven't seen a whole lot of Omaha yet. Our bus drove a quick circle around Rosenblatt Stadium before we reached our downtown hotel. The stadium sits at the top of a hill and is impressive in an intimate sort of way. I can't wait to see it from the inside for the first time.

As the Gamecock bus pulled up to our hotel, the staff was lining the walkway wearing Gamecock hats and waving pom-poms while Sandstorm was blasting from the speakers. Pretty cool stuff.

IMG_9769.JPG This is my first trip to an event of this magnitude, so I'm looking forward to soaking in the atmosphere and hopefully doing a good job of telling that story to you. From what I've heard from people who have been here before, the experience of being in Omaha during the College World Series is better than a Final Four or BCS bowl game.  I'm interested to learn how.

What's on the docket for today? The Gamecocks will practice this afternoon at a local high school before getting the chance to take the field at Rosenblatt tomorrow. I'm going to get out and do some Omaha exploring. Tomorrow will be a busy day and I want to get the lay of the land. 

Couple of notes on the two-hour flight from Columbia to Omaha:

-Gamecock players and coaches dressed casually for the trip, wearing white Under Armour polos with an interlocking SC logo and a College World Series patch on the sleeve (picture coming soon)
-Trip started off well for yours truly as I was able to get a window seat (hate the aisle).
-I counted six personal camcorders from players as the team was loading onto the plane. I think it's safe to say this trip will be well-documented.
-In-flight movie: The Blind Side.  

We'll have a few regular features on the blog while we're in Omaha, one of them being this diary. In addition, we'll take a look back at how the Gamecocks have done in past trips to the College World Series as well as some features on what makes Omaha so special. If you've got something you want us to look into and find out, drop us a comment.

Here's a few photos from the Gamecock arrival at the team's hotel:

Coach Tanner talking to local media after arrival

IMG_9760.JPGJackie Bradley, Jr. stepping off the bus

Haney1.jpgBobby Haney giving an interview

Team Gear 6-17.jpgTeam bags laid out by equipment staff

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