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Staley Leads New Wave of Coaches -

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Check out this profile story about South Carolina women's basketball head coach Dawn Staley on - "Staley Leads New Wave of Coaches."

Dawn Staley was still a little steamed the day after her South Carolina women's basketball team let a big lead and a victory slip away Sunday. She definitely had not slept well. But she still maintained her sense of humor and her perspective.

Sometimes she can be a bit volcanic, when she needs to be. But she also knows there are times when that's absolutely not what is going to work.

"I have to blow my top on occasion if I feel it, but also remember to speak in their vernacular," Staley said of her players. "Because they really don't understand. If they understood, they would do differently. So you've got to take it down a few notches and put it in a way where they'll understand it.

"Sometimes, it's just experience. You've got to get through their growing pains. But I'm never going to put up with anyone disrespecting the game."

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